Course Format and Logistics

Efficient – Our courses will efficiently train your staff on the most critical statistical analysis techniques for your industry.

Convenient – To make the best use of your facilities and your staff’s time, we conduct all of our statistical training courses at your site.

Engaging – Each course consists of a combination of presentation, demonstration, and discussion/Q&A.

Hands-On – We believe that participants learn best and retain more when they have an opportunity to try out and apply analyses as part of their training. If your facilities allow, we prefer to include a “hands-on” component where each participant can work through material at their own or shared computers.

Follow-up and Additional Resources – At the conclusion of each course, we provide participants with additional resources pertaining to the course topic. Following our standard-length courses, we offer shorter follow-up visits or email consultations for an additional fee.

Pre-Course Consultation – Courses are offered for large or small groups; we also provide customized training for individuals. Our course fee includes a pre-course one-on-one or phone consultation that provides us with the information needed to: (i) “target” our courses to the prior experience level of your staff, and (ii) make the best use of your facilities.

Contact us to schedule a training session.