Water Quality Explorer App

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WQEOur apps provides concrete information based on real science and real data.

Our new Water Quality Explorer app, for use with iPhone® mobile devices, is in the final stage of testing with anticipated release later this year.

  • Provides access to extensive water quality and physical properties data from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the US Geological Survey
  • Easy to use map-based interface allows efficient browsing for data near your chosen location
  • Search for data based on category or date range
  • Categories available include nutrients, toxic metals, pathogens, aesthetic parameters and more
  • Data provided in tabular form or in multiple graphing formats
  • Time series statistics available at monitoring stations include minimum, maximum and average values, along with standard deviation and the most recent observed value
  • US EPA maximum concentrations provided for substances subject to primary or secondary drinking water standards
  • Educational information about water quality provided, including resources specifically targeted for kids, teens and educators



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